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Who Says Dance Is Just For Kids?!

Stay fit the fun way. Enjoy learning and improving upon many styles of dance in a fun and social atmosphere.
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  • Dancing burns the same number of calories as swimming or running for the same amount of time.
  • Quick changes in direction, as well as accelerating and decelerating, challenge the body in new ways.
  • Dance targets numerous major and minor muscle groups.
  • Dance promotes a positive mental state, lowers stress and anxiety, boosts confidence, and more!
  • Dancing is linked to improved or sustained memory and processing skills.

The DanceRoom offers adults fun methods of exercise in a social atmosphere. Our adult programs include Parent & Tot, Fusion, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet Barre, and Burlesque.

We offer 4-week short term programming in the spring and summer, and 14-week long term programming in the fall and winter ($25 registration fee required). To register for any of these programs, please make an account through our Parent Portal.