Welcome to The DanceRoom's Highland Academy!

Our team of hardworking Highland dancers consistently sees high scores placings at competitions, as well as excellent marks in BATD examinations!

About Our

 Highland Academy

Our competitive Highland dancers train year-round to prepare for examinations and competitions, as well as community events. In the fall, competitive dancers will find themselves taking 3 or more classes/week. Requirements include:

  • Recreational Highland – dancers will learn basics movements and progress towards learning common traditional dances such as the Highland Fling and Sword Dance. Dancers will also participate in our year-end recital, showcasing a Highland choreography.
  • Competitive Highland – students will learn traditional Highland, Scottish National, and character dances.
  • A third elective class – this enhances grace and versatility, while reducing repetitive movement injury. We offer Highland Cross-Training which can be used as the elective.
  • Optional is our Highland Theory class where students will learn timing, positions, movements, and steps from the current Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing text book. Knowledge is tested in both oral and practical examinations.

Dancers may join the team at any time in their training without invitation. Our highly qualified instructor will assess students and inform dance families when dancers are ready to compete and/or begin examinations.

To join our Highland Program text communications, please text @drhighland to the number 705.243.0668.