Dance Educators Who Know the Curriculum!

The DanceRoom is proud to offer educational dance classes and workshops to schools in the Simcoe region. For the past 10 years, our staff have worked with elementary, secondary, public, and private schools helping deliver dance content that is engaging and meets the Ontario curriculum.

Many of our staff members are OCT certified and members of local school boards, giving them a rich understanding of dance, the Ontario curriculum, students, and the school setting. Feedback from schools we have worked with has always been extremely positive; all have expressed delight with students’ progress, engagement, and achievements during dance classes. Our skills and teaching abilities have attracted and motivated even the most challenging students.

Whether you need us for the day, the week, or the month, we are happy to help you and your students meet the curriculum expectations. Contact us today for more information!


Grades K-3

Students use experience and imagination to develop movement vocabularies and communicate ideas. Students will familiarize themselves with the elements of dance.


Grades 4-6

Students will learn to manipulate dance elements such as time and energy. They will experiment with dance techniques to create their own choreographic works.


Grades 7-10

Students further explore the elements of dance as well as choreographic forms. Students will gain an understanding of various cultures, societies, and historical periods through dance.


Grades 11-12

Students will develop improvisational skills, compositional skills, and technical proficiency in various dance genres all while applying dance elements, techniques, and compositional tools.

Why Choose Us

  • We align our lessons with the Ontario Arts Curriculum
  • Our staff are qualified OCT teachers, with 10 years experience in school settings
  • We are equipped to work with all ages and abilities
  • Our staff are qualified in Special Education
  • We will work with you to help properly assess students
  • We can help you to create and implement fun and effective dance lessons and assessment tools

What School’s are Saying

“Jennifer came to teach hip hop to forty-eight grade seven students. The students loved her choice of music, warm-ups, dance movements and style of teaching. She was creative, engaging, flexible and reliable. She held the students’ attention throughout the lessons. The boys were especially engaged as she styled her technique to suit them.”
“Thanks again for the amazing dance lessons. You truly are a moving artist.”
“The kids enjoyed your dance instruction. You do a wonderful job of “chunking” the dance steps so that those new to dance can understand it. We are fortunate to have you back year after year.”
“Miss Campbell has shown attention to a variety of learning styles, often offering support to students struggling with dance concepts. She picks songs of interest to her audience, repeats instructions, and separates dance moves into smaller sections which encourages improved student participation and performance… Her commitment to students and their excellence is both genuine and informed.”
“Thank you so much. You are awesome! I will definitely have you back next year.”