Four week classes allow new and returning dancers to try new styles without committing to a long term program. This is a great option if your child is unsure which style they wish to pursue. This program also keeps dancers in shape during the off-season, helping them to maintain and improve flexibility, as well as prevent injuries!

Our short term program is not only a great way for your child to experience new styles, but also a great time for you and your dancer to get to know us! Dancer’s will have the opportunity to meet our highly qualified staff, familiarize themselves with our facilities, and see the organized and professional fashion in which we operate our studio!

Why do we recommend this program?

  • no long-term commitment
  • many dance styles offered
  • meet our faculty with backgrounds in education & dance
  • designed for toddlers to adults
  • affordable prices
  • prevent injuries in the off-season

Did you know…

We have always encouraged competitive dancers to train throughout the summer to avoid injuries upon their return in the fall, and to ensure achievements in skills, flexibility, endurance, and strength are not lost. This has attributed to the success of our competitive team and the few injuries experienced in our studio.

All dancers benefit from one-two weeks of rest, but more can cause a “rewind” in much that has been gained. 14 days off of a regular activity can reduce stamina, strength and flexibility. After two months of inactivity, it’s possible to lose improvements made in the studio, including turnout, leg and back flexibility, alignment, and more. Dancers put themselves at risk of injury susceptibility due to physiological regressions. If a dancer cannot continue training, activities such as soccer, swimming, and running can help, but do not replace movement patterns practiced in the studio.

If you feel your child has accomplished a lot during the regular dance season, consider keeping him or her dancing in the spring and summer. As a bonus, your child stays busy, active, and social throughout the summer months!

Spring/Summer Schedule & Fees 2018

Note – classes are subject to change.

  • 65. . . 1 x 4-week class
  • 130. . . 2 x 4-week classes
  • 183. . . 3 x 4-week classes
  • 230. . . 4 x 4-week classes
  • 270. . . unlimited programming